Emo Brown: The Saddest Mexican

Sergio Hernandez: Splurgeo

October 30, 2020

Splurgeo... Musician, Artist, Baret Yoshida Black Belt and Entrepreneur; among other things. Sergio Hernandez is a busy guy. Extremely grateful we got the opportunity to sit down and chat.

We talk upbringing, parenting, pandemic, masks, tattoos and beer labels. On top of that... he's the man behind the Emo Brown logo. He's designed both our podcast art as well as the "Athletic Club" logo. He recently collab'd with the brewery on an upcoming can label; Stay Tuned for that!!!  

Make sure to pay his shop a visit and get some art done at Pops Tattoo Shop. 


So sit back, relax and get to know Sergio Hernandez!!! Gracias


IG: Splurgeo

IG: PopstattooShop

Pops Tattoo Shop is located at 3679 University Ave. San Diego 


Pay us a visit at EmoBrown.com #EmoBrown #TheSaddestMexican #SocialClub #AthleticClub

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